My Lifeline, My Angel.

Let me introduce my Dog, Theodore. He is a lovely Golden Retriever. Very big for only 7 months.

My Angel
My Angel

Theo is very special. He has done a lot for me over the last few months. I have been off work sick for a long time and have finally got back this week. My darling dog has been a lifeline to getting out and about on my own, even if sometimes it was only a 30 minute walk around the fields behind my house.

When you are long term sick you can become very isolated, especially if like me you live miles from your family. I have had lots of help from friends though to help with the taking my husband to and from work when I wasn’t up for it.

Theo though is very special. He’s just always there and has given my days a sense of structure during my time off.

  • 7am – Walk Theo
  • 8am – Breakfast with a bit of morning TV(Theo’s too)
  • 9am – Tidy (Mostly the mess that Theo has created and the cats)
  • 10am – Clothes washing
  • 11am – University work, reading, watching documentaries etc (anything but sitting watching daytime tv…Though I have become a fan of the Wright Stuff)
  • 1pm – Lunch (which without structure I would normally forget)
  • 2pm – Sorting and tidying wash. Putting things away.
  • 3pm – Walk Theo (this is his long walk)
  • 4pm – Relax for a bit sort the nice make it look nice before my husband gets home
  • 5pm – Husbands home
  • YAY! I made it through a day.

Obviously, this wasn’t the same every day. Some days I didn’t want to get up but Theo needed me too. Some days I did just sit with Theo curled up in my PJs on the sofa to only get dressed to take him out (Thank god for the winter and giant “hide my horrible yet comfortable cozy jump” coats)

Theo doesn’t ask much of me. Food, water, cozy bed (he has his own bedroom) play and 2 walks a day. That is all, but for me, he is my lifeline the reason I still speak to people outside my house, people ask me about Theo and the answers are easy because they are about him. With his head on my knee he listens intently (I know he can’t really understand) when I am having a hard day, he runs over when I uncontrollable sob because I just want to be better well and happy and cuddles me.

He just exists I came across this little quote on Instagram the other day. It is 100% true.

Just Exists

That’s enough rambling for now.



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