De-cluttering life. Living Simple.

minimalist-desktopThat means everything. Making things simple.

It is very refreshing. About once every couple of months my husband and I will go through nearly the whole house removing items we don’t want/need. Putting them in piles of; Skip, Rehome and keep.

This started when we decided to get a dog. We had to find a safe place for him to sleep at whilst he was a puppy but big enough for him to continue to sleep in whilst he grew.

We had two options. Put a dog crate in the front room by the bay window or take the door off the under the stairs cupboard put a baby gate on as his own little room.

Option two was the best idea. The only problem was that cupboard under the stairs had a lot of stuff in it. Stuff we had yet to unpack and stuff we just didn’t know what to do with.

Now was time to sort it out with the arrival of the new puppy being creeping up on us. It needed to be done fast so we started being ruthless. We sold DVDs, throw spare shelving and found new homes for items we just didn’t know what to do with. The puppies room was ready and I was left feeling very satisfied and this light feeling.

Six months on and we’ve been taking the time to de-clutter and organize. Sitting down and sorting, being quite strict with ourselves. I really enjoy it. My house is still far from clutter-free as I can just chuck everything I have to discuss things with my husband first, I don’t think he would be happy if he came home to a minimalists haven.

I have been looking into minimalism and living light. It’s very interesting and seems to be the thought processes I have been developing over the last few months. Lighter Living, Lighter Mind. Which is great for my health.

There are some great benefits to minimalist living outlined well in this blog Becoming Minimalist  

I am not saying that I will call myself a minimalist or anything close to that but I will be letting go of more clutter mentally and physically over this year.




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