Happy Birthday Theo!!

I am very excited because it is THEOS 1st BIRTHDAY!

I have gone a little bit crazy with the presents but all my lovely fur babies get an extra special 1st birthday or adoption day. For Theo, I think we went bit over the top with the presents and the treats.


He definitely enjoyed opening them, though.

Present Opening
Present Opening

Two of my favourite present we got him were his drying coat that I call his dressing gown. It’s great! We got it from Ruff and Tumble and got his name embroidered on the side. Theo loves to swim! The drying coat is easy to slip on and then he can just have a nap within 30min he is nice and dry.

(I couldn’t get a clear photo of him but you can see how cute it is above)

The other present was from Friendship Collar we got the mischief maker design because well Theo is a little cheeky. I love the company Friendship Collar because you can get a matching bracelet for yourself, hence being called Friendship Collar. You can get matching leads and charms. We got an extra bracelet so that my husband and me could have one each. (The photo below is from Theos Instagram. He has more followers than me!)


Of course, he got some homemade treats…


and a birthday cake.


Lastly be got to meet up with his friend for a nice run around.

I think he had a great day!



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