Schools Out

July means one thing! SCHOOLS OUT! And there is nothing greater than the feeling of “You Made It.”

I am not talking about the students I am talking about the teachers.

As a teacher, I can assure you that we do love our jobs but we also love the end of terms as much or nearly more as the students we teach.

Six weeks off! Six whole weeks! Actually, it is a bit more!

What am I going to do with that time? I don’t do much planning for the holidays, I don’t mean teacher planning I do that, I mean what I am going to do day to day.

I prefer not to plan but I do have a few goals

  1. Sort the house

I want to decorate the front room and the spare room as they are looking a bit worn

  1. Take Theo out with us as much as possible

I love having Theo out and about with us. It helps him also to learn about new environments. He doesn’t like the car very much but we need to help him get used to it. We even bought a new car just for him to have more space in the back for him.

We spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to North Wales to where my family is and always take him because it is the perfect place for him to get to go swimming which he loves to do.

How did that just happen?? This was not meant to be a blog about my dog! I do think sometimes I should just have a Theo Blog. My next few blogs are about him and our outing and even a doggy haul.

  1. Relax

Lastly, I just want to relax. If my husband and me want to go for a day out, we will go for a day out. If we want to binge watch Netflix, we will binge watch Netflix. Simple really.

I always used to really beat myself up about not doing much in the holidays but sometimes it is the only time I get to switch off, Especially the summer holidays. In term time every week is thinking about what is happening next week and every shorter holiday is thinking about what need to be done before the end of the next term.

Summer is for me and my little family.


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