So much more

f33b9309b3faa2962a26acc50dd789c5The statement in the picture to the left I believe is true. It doesn’t have to be four legs and with fur but I really do believe having an animal in your life can help in so many ways.

I have a few, 6 cats and a dog, just a few. These delights get me through so much.

I don’t believe you own a pet. I believe they should be a member of your family. Not seen as a belonging as they are so much more than that. Putting them into the same category as a spoon or a lamp or your car seems awfully wrong to me. Yes, all those items serve a function but they don’t give back.

An animal especially dogs and cats in my experience will sit with you, comfort you and know when things are wrong. They greet you with a meow or a wagging tail and a big wet kiss as you are their world. No bad days exist when you have a loving animal to go home to.

Though they are so much more than that. Having a pet means you need routine. You must get up and feed your animal, let them outside, walk them, clean their cage or hutch.

They can be the light in someone at hospitals week. Knowing that on Wednesday morning the therapy dog will be coming to devote its time to them could get them through an awful week.

Animals depend on you. They need us but I think we need them more. They fill a void that is missing at times. A need to care for others when you can;t cope with seeing people. A comfort knowing that they are there by your side (or in their tank)

As I write this sitting on my bed in the dark, because I am not having the best of days. I heard my dog whimpering at the bottom of the stairs. I went down to see what he needed and he just wagged his tail and followed me back up. My dog doesn’t particularly like being upstairs but he’s now sleeping by my door not making a sound, just being present. Every so often he is getting up putting his head asking to come up. Then he is getting as close as possible to me for a cuddle before going back to sleep at the door.

Two things have happened by Theo getting my attention. 1) He made me get up and check on him. Bringing me out of my comfort zone due to the sense of responsibility I have for him. 2) He is providing me comfort just knowing he his there for me.

To some people pets are just a Dog or just a Rabbit. They are wrong, they are so much more than that. They are animals that bring much more into our lives than we can bring into theirs.




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