Goal of 2017

2017Yes, two months in. You see, I always make goals at the start of the year and get a couple of months in and think these aren’t for me or feel like I have failed. So this year I gave myself some time.

So what is my goal? Honestly, be who I want to be. You know when you have those days where you really love being who you are and you have realised it is because you have been true to yourself? Whatever that may be, worn something you love but others may not or eaten really healthily and drank loads of water. You think to yourself “I love this me”. We all have those little moments of this is me.

I have been working on that since the start of the year. Working out how to be that person I want to be. Being that person includes some of the normal yearly goals such as; drink more water, eat more fruit etc.

My main goal or shall we say lifestyle change is becoming Vegan. Well committing to being Vegan. I am a long time Vegetarian, 16 years, but that’s not enough to me. Whenever I have given up dairy in the past it has helped me in so many ways and I get that happy “this is right for me feeling”. I will make a whole post on my “Vegan Journey” sometime in the near future, promise.

Breaking down my goal

  • Commit to Veganism

This includes cooking, which I am rubbish at, eating less “Fake Meat”, not buying any more animal leather/wool/suede etc goods. I don’t believe in chucking out what I already have as it is wasteful but I will replace them with Vegan alternatives when the time comes.

  • Go 100% Cruelty-Free

This I feel will be not buying from brands that have parent companies that test on animals. I am still doing research on this but at the moment I am strongly in the no parent company camp.

  • Water, Water, Water

I am a self-confessed diet coke addict and it is not good. This is the last of old “habits” to leave behind to do with my health. I don’t know if I will ever go into it as I would like to leave that behind but we will see.

  • Less is more – Buy only what I need not what I want

I have been doing this for quiet sometimes. I am no way a minimalist and don’t plan to be but I do feel much happier when I have less things or just what I need. This year I just plan to keep on top of it as it is easy for things to creep back in.

  • Have quiet time

The TV doesn’t always have to be on. It is okay to be quiet. Do nothing.

So pretty simple really and it will only be laziness holding me back. There are loads more that make up my goal some a bit too personal to share.

Wish me luck!


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