My Top Five Lush Products – and some I want to be Vegan

I am not a “mad” fan of Lush but I do like a lot of their products. They feature in my skincare routine daily.

Here is a run down of my top 5 Lush products at the moment and some products I wish were Vegan.

1. Tea Tree Water and Eau Roma Water

I am putting these two together because they are both Toners and I use them pretty much the same way. These are probably my most used products, so much so, I have a large and small bottle of both. I keep the large bottles at home and the small ones on my desk at work.

I tend to use these as and when I feel like it to freshen up through out the day.

The Eau Roma water I tend to use the most. If I am feeling a bit muggy I will sprits it all over my face and let it dry. If I don’t touch it, it tends to dry without affecting my make up. I especially use this after teaching a more active session. It’s so cooling and refreshing.

The Tea Tree Water I use the same way if I’m dealing with problem skin. It can be drying if used too often so best only to do this when your skin is flaring up. I do use it every day when I get home from work. Just before I walk Theo I will sprits it on my face and wipe off my foundation and any other makeup apart from my brows and eye makeup. It’s like having a mini wash. I find this keeps my skin much clearer and wakes me up a bit.

2. Angels Bare Skin

This is an excellent cleanser. I think nearly everyone uses it. I am not very fond of the smell and it doesn’t leave me feeling as fresh as I would like from a “face wash”.  It does keep my skin clear and does what it says, so that is why it makes the top 5.

I don’t religiously use this as it doesn’t have that “wake me up Zing” I like from a face wash – did I really just use the word Zing?

I am finding it difficult to find a “zingy” cruelty-free face wash/cleanser after realising Origins are not kind to animals. If anyone has any minty or tingly face washes that are vegan and cruelty-free, please let me know.

For now, I will continue with this one as it does work well.

3. King Of Skin

I am not a fan of body moisturisers. They really cause my skin to react because of my eczema. Anything that lingers on my skin leaves me red raw and burning all day/night. This includes Lush’s Dream Cream. Whenever I go to Lush and mention eczema I get suggested Dream Cream. When I tell them I get a reaction from it the sales assistants are always shocked.

One lovely man, who works in the Birmingham Lush, suggested an in shower moisturiser. I had tried Ro’s Argan before but even though it worked well I hated the smell and left me feeling greasy but my skin didn’t react to it. I was recommended King Of Skin. It is a body butter in a bar form. It works so well for me. I rub it all over my skin in the shower, rise it off, step out of the shower and let my skin dry. I don’t itch, burn or feel like I have a film of grease all over me. Even my mum who loves thick moisturisers has one and uses it all the time. She doesn’t feel the need to moisturiser again after her shower. Which is saying something because unlike me, the thicker the moisturise the better for mum.

4. Full Of Grace

Another popular product. I am not sure I use this the right way but I tend to use it to take off any make up I haven’t taken off with the Tea Tree Toner earlier in the evening and then use a cleanser. Sometimes I use it as moisturiser too. It leaves my skin feeling soft without feeling greasy or heavy which is something I really dislike about a lot of moisturisers.

It also contains mushrooms (my kryptonite) so for me to continue using it knowing this speaks volumes!

5. Prince Charming

I really wish I could get hold of this product all year round. I love it and so does my husband. It smells amazing and well, like every shower gel Lush makes it does what it is meant to.

This product normally comes out around Valentines. I really hope it comes back next year and if it does I will have my bank card at the ready to buy a years supply!!

That’s it for my top products! So, on to products I wish where vegan.

3 Products I wish where Vegan

1. Vanishing Cream

I love this moisturiser! Even more so than the Full Of Grace serum. But it is not vegan. It is my perfect moisturiser. It leaves my skin looking amazing, it works well under my make up and is weightless. I haven’t used it in about 2 years but always long for it when I go looking for moisturisers.

2. Enchanted Eye Cream

It’s not really this actual Eye Cream I wish was vegan. It is more that I want Lush to bring out a vegan eye cream in general. I think as of today they only have one eye cream in their collection. I am really hoping they bring out more.

3. Curly Wurly

I love this shampoo. I don’t really have curly hair, It’s more wavy. With this shampoo my hair always had the natural tousled look. It’s not Vegan though so it’s a no go for me.

Let me know your favourite or products you wish were Vegan!

If you have any recommendations of Vegan products I should try I would love to hear from you!












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